Comida y Luz & Comida y Pan
Wednesday 23 Oct 2013


Cafeteria and restaurant Comida y Pan and Comida y Luz are set in the "Executive Building",which was designed by Spanish Architects "NO.MAD". Whilst the architecture of the building was already completed and the rooms had been appointed, the designers re-examined the space dedication, allocating the 6th floor's flat roof as a smoking terrace and transforming the Ground Floor space (originally intended as WC facilities) into a private room.

Previous door frames were used as bottle racks, separating the private booth space from the rest of the cafeteria whilst maintaining a connection by being mostly transparent. Placing the kitchen, bar, refrigerators and storerooms proved to be a complex design challenge due to the existing building service system that had been implemented, and the tight corset of the reinforced concrete construction.

The sobriety of the predefined rooms gave the impression of a sacred building, as opposed to a restaurant. From the designer's point of view, the guest rooms - the profane rooms - should be more comfortable and appealing. The balancing act of the design process was to incorporate the unique architectural specification of the premises and the specific wishes of the client.

Other challenges included the concrete surfaces and the unconventional layout specification and the development of the smoking terrace on the 6th floor. Of high importance was how the façades were approached, as their windows were of varying size, height and width. Due to existing poor room acoustics, other acoustic measures were set which also formed the room's layout.

The Tetris-style arrangement of acoustic panels was inspired by the building's façade. In sync with the prevailing grey of the foyer's concrete surfaces, a darker colour was preferred for the furniture and wall panels. Mirrors were used to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, between room and illusion. Street art and other graphic elements help frame the rooms.

The large white lamps in the garden create an inviting ambience for guests. The white wooden set-up for the oversized table lamps was inspired by the establishment of the Vienna Prater, and works as a subtle reminder of the surroundings.

Whilst each of the rooms has a similar design, the visitor's experience differs upon entering each. The restaurant on the 6th floor offers the chance to experience Vienna from above, whereas the cafeteria on the ground floor places you directly within the city.



Söhne & Partner Architects