Rocambolesc Ice Cream Parlour
Friday 18 Oct 2013


The project for the Rocambolesc ice cream parlour arose from the enthusiasm of opening a new shop in which to enjoy the desserts of the Celler de Can Roca restaurant. Rocambolesc's design concept stemmed from the fantasy worlds of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the comic strips of Profesor Franz de Copenhague, a 1930s Spanish classic.

The façade plays with the idea of children's tales, and inside the parlour natural materials such as oak and iron are used to convey the influence of old fashioned ice cream shops. The wall in front of the entrance represents a fantastical industrial ice cream machine; pipes, lights, spirals and mechanisms combine to engage the senses through movement, light and even sound.

On the side wall, the designers incorporated a large tub dispenser with vertical oak wood slats, reminiscent of Celler de Can Roca. On that same wall, a set of pipes runs over the wall and doubles as dispensers for bags, spoons and napkins. On the opposite side, a large mirror provides a dream-like character to the space and is used to hand-write the list of products available to the client, as was traditionally done in old parlours. The mirror also serves to reflect light and open up the space.

In terms of furniture design, the counter and the bicycle-bench are reminders of the origins of ice cream selling, when vendors rode their carts through town. All the elements were designed to create an enchanted atmosphere, including the shelving boxes suspended from the ceiling with scissor mechanisms, or the ceiling fans that lend an industrial look to the space.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas

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