Friday 27 Sep 2013


DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN have designed an exclusive showroom at Carloft in Berlin, Kreuzberg. Visitors find an exciting interior including a bar with lounge for guests and a show area with an adjoining patio.

A special advantage of the CarLoft is the possibility of safely parking your car on your own floor and displaying the vehicle on suitable occasions. With the Carlift the driver can remain seated in the car and be elevated safely into the loft. The open glass-fronted architecture of the building allows the CarLoggia and the patio with an area of 40 sq m to be part of the residential area. In this ambience the CarLoggia can be a highlight for any event, with or without a vehicle.

An open interior design was implemented on the 200 sq m area of the loft, allowing the rooms to merge and so form a coherent unity. Walls were removed where possible in order to create a generous and special feeling of space.

The focal point of the loft is the large kitchen and bar area. A kitchen unit is fully clad with anthracite tiles and combined with attractive brass details to form the centre of the loft and act as a linking unit. The bar is followed by a spacious lounge area, harmonized in style, where brass is used again in several details. Adjoining the lounge there is a library with a working area that offers a comfortable withdrawel room. The colour scheme of the lounge is repeated in the library, allowing the two rooms to merge.

The loft will be used for commercial purposes, but it also has a luxurious private wing that contains a sleeping area comprising a high class dressing room and spa.

The furniture in the loft is an exciting mix of classic interior design, built-in furniture and new design elements. Reconditioned antique furniture adds that certain something to the overall view. Interior design companies have the opportunity to exhibit their furniture design in the CarLoft premises.

The loft can be used as an event location for photo and video shoots, cookery events, or events of any kind. In addition, it can be rented by private customers for private functions or just as an exciting stay in Berlin.


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