Kindergarten Loftschloss
Tuesday 17 Sep 2013


Baukind have designed The Kindergarten Loftschloss - the first kindergarten in Berlin that is located in a shopping mall - which is part of the historically landmarked Telefunken complex built in 1903. The 250 sq m large commercial unit on the second floor was previously used as a beverage shop and has been transformed into a colourful and interactive space for children.

The space is appropriate for 25 children, divided into smaller areas using angled walls with an open connection. To accommodate the varying needs of the children, niches and additional levels were created to allow retreat and play areas.

The interior design aims to expose a new angle on ‘design for kids’, highlighting that particularly in the basic structures and design of a space lies the potential for imaginative playful solutions. The kids at Kita Loftschloss have the feeling they are explorers and conquerors in their surroundings with hideaways and wardrobes turning normally neglected spaces into a play area.

The two rooms are connected with sliding chalkboard doors, which can disappear into a built-in cabinet. The former ventilation room is transformed into a sleeping room with a green carpet that stretches like a landscape. Built-in elements like the mattress platform and the shelving units are playfully integrated into the overall picture.


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