ajando Next Level CRM
Tuesday 17 Sep 2013


Architect Peter Stasek has completed the corporate offices of agency ajando Next Level CRM, a company based on information reception and processing. Taking the identity of the company through his design, Peter Stasek visualizes this dynamic of flowing information throughout the interiors of the workspace.

In contrast to the fluid architectural lines, the furniture choices are plain such as the conference rooms, lounge areas and other workplace sections distinguished by neural characteristics. Throughout the project Stasek uses illumination to heighten architectural details and create bursts of light and energy in the otherwise minimal palette.

The lighting design was developed in collaboration with Licht-Team Speyer and also contributes significantly to the corporate architecture concept of ajando. The illumination of the corridors, the lobby and the open space office was designed under the motto: “Light as a wave, light as a particle”.

Accordingly, the longitudinal wall within the conference room for example is equipped with a panel draped with a special fabric. Behind this fabric, LED strips are installed. As a result, luminous structures in the shape of waves are created. The illumination of the existing historical brick wall in the open space office by programmable power LEDs will ensure a discreetly stimulating background atmosphere for the working area.

The light in form of moving particles will be created by projection in the middle of the open space within the half-open stairway shell. In this manner, white snowflakes above the staircase will be projected on the rusty back wall as fluttering photons. The gliding of these light particles should be seen as an additional visualization of the information flows. These are omnipresent and thus display the entire strategy of the company as a connecting and never resting element.

Graphic components are used in the design taken from a gyrogrid pattern integrated into the interior design as a 2D foil print and 3D digital fabrication. The pattern was developed in collaboration with Patric Günther (Voxel-Studio Detmold), and is intended to symbolize the digital network of ajando.

The layout of the office space is functional and clear in order for visitors to be guided directly to their destination. Peter Stasek explains, “the loft office concept for ajando is implemented according to the motto of Josef M. Hoffmann, the famous Viennese architect of the turn of the 19th/20th century: “The concept for the paths and the room are one and the same.”’

Peter Stasek Architects