Davison Highley Showroom
Thursday 22 Aug 2013


Davison Highley, the family owned British upholstered furniture manufacture has returned to its roots in London and opened the doors of its long awaited showroom in Brewhouse Yard in the heart of Clerkenwell. 

The showroom, designed by neighbouring company BDP, has had the 5,000 sq ft space transformed into a contemporary and beautifully lit backdrop for Davison Highley's hand-built furniture ranges and new models.

Mark Simpson, BDP’s design director approached the project as though providing a clean gallery like space where the furniture pieces are the main attraction:

“The architecture of the space, a former Victorian brewery building, is stunning in its own right and we didn’t need to do too much to it. It was important that the furniture is not overawed by its surroundings and we made sure the lighting was right and the space was as flexible as it could be, inserted some joinery and left it at that."

The one area the designers could play around with is in ‘the smaller room’, an area that lacked any special features and so allowed BDP to create a surprise space, completely different to the main showroom gallery.

Philip Harrison, Davison Highley’s Chief Executive said “Opening our Clerkenwell showroom is a natural progression for the company but finding the right space to showcase our wonderful designs has been a very long process. When we saw the possibilities that the Brewhouse Yard site could offer us we knew immediately that it had been well worth the wait.”


Architects/Designers: BDP

Main Contractors: Cameron Black

Lighting: Atrium Ltd 

Concrete Design Features: Gray Concrete (Projects) Ltd