Monday 12 Aug 2013


In the middle of Lucerne’s Old Town, OOS designed and realized the spatial concept for an unconventional dental practice. The specified aim of this dentist was to offer his patients an experience and make their stay in the Dental Club as varied and pleasant as possible. Combining calming white spaces with injections of vibrant colour, the Dental Club is an exclusive environment for visitors to relax and receive treatment.

When developing the design concept with the stated objective of offering patients 'an extra something', OOS focused on atmospheric programming, re-interpretation of elements and the composition of the individual activities, which characterize a visit to the dentist. Through the creation of specific spatial worlds for each activity mixed with a portion of entertainment, an unmistakable Dental Club arose in place of a conventional dental practice. In the design process, attention was paid to matching the work environment necessary for the dentist’s work with a soothing atmosphere for the patients.

This approach runs through the entire concept for the rooms. An atmospheric density is achieved by using a variety of spatial scenographic works and the resulting contrasting space concepts are composed into a harmonious sequence. The design concept takes something from both classic as well as unconventional elements, which are surprising at first glance. For instance, patients are welcomed in the inviting setting of a club lounge with library, where they can pass their time with an iPad or a book. The “dentaliser” is a central zone with a white, glossy appearance. It functions as a neutralizing space around which the various rooms and activities (x-ray, office, bathroom, etc.) are arranged.

The space in the treatment rooms is defined by a visual horizon. While the lower part is assigned the task of a sterile, white world of a dentist’s work, the ceiling – which naturally is the focus of the patient – offers an open view of a map of the oceans and islands with new lands for continuous discovery and distraction.