Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya
Friday 21 Jun 2013


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The first Sleepbox Hotel creates a special niche in hospitality services between hostels and common hotels. Hostels are mostly cheap, which directly affects service quality.

Traditional hotels have high level of comfort that it conditioned by high prices. Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya is partly based on hostel principles to keep price low, but it offers considerably different quality of hotel services.

Sleepbox hotel is located in Moscow downtown in the immediate vicinity of Kremlin and it is only 3 minutes away from Belorusskiy Railway Station, where Aeroexpress trains arrive from Sheremetyevo International Airport. Hotels with such location are mostly expensive, but staying in Sleepbox Hotel is 3 times cheaper than in nearby hotels.

This is owing to the use of Sleepbox modules created by architectural bureau Arch Group that allow organizing in only 4 sq.m. a proper place for rest and relax in a variety of buildings from airport terminals to offices. These modules are mobile, can be installed anywhere inside the building and just need to be connected to the power supply. These features give an opportunity to open a hotel in a building that has never been intended for a hotel.

While working on the design of this hotel we aimed to create something absolutely different from the rest of Russian hotels. We wanted to make it so that even experienced European visitors make a booking here without hesitation. As for the expenses we sought to ensure that technical realization of this project was cheap so that the lodging cost could remain on minimum level as planned. 

The design of Sleepboxes is supplemented with a structure, which represents lighting and forms a part of ceiling and walls at the same time flowing by the boxes from the ceiling to the walls. It is made of transparent stretch sheet with LED spot lights behind. We have used this piece of design at all floors and even at the staircase, which gives a feeling of consistent space uniting all the floors of the hotel. To reduce the price of finishing works is was decided to leave the existing ceramic granite on the floor covering it with rubber.

Showers and toilet cabins are located on every floor and made in the general futuristic style. Toilet cabins look like separate capsules fixed in a row. Joints between them are illuminated with LED. There is a big round occupancy indicator, which shines green when the cabin is free and red when it is occupied.