Glow Wall
Tuesday 18 Jun 2013


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THE GLOW WALL Gateway Taj, from the Taj group of hotels, at Kochi is an up market establishment set in the heart of the city. The Gateway Taj, Kochi wanted a coffee shop that reflects "today", that would appeal to the trendy young crowd. This glow wall installation covers one entire wall inside the cafe. The installation has a number of mild steel sheets staggered over seven levels, painted in seven different shades of coffee. There are LED lights embedded behind these sheets. They lend an interesting character to the seating area. The intensity of light varies as it comes out from behind the dark and light shades. As the name suggests the wall literally glows.

This light installation acts as the major light source and dominant mood setter of the cafe. The amount of space covered by this installation makes it a noteworthy feat. To a traveler, it immediately calls to mind the view of a city by night from an airplane. To another, the warm tones of the milky coffee colour lend a soothing feel. Even when not lit, the varying hues ofthe warm colour add depth and cosiness to the space. It leaves an impression of a continuous pixilated frame that flows through the cafe.

The sheets are recycled metal gathered from scrap houses around the city. The LED lightsource consumes minimum electricity. Each visitor can have their own interpretation of the glow wall. Here is an interesting comment on the installation by a Deli customer: When I look upon the Deli at Gateway glowing wall, I can't help but imagine that there is a society of fairies living behind it, lending a magical glow to not only their happy home, but also to Gateway visitors. Of course, that is not the case, but it still puts a smile on my face.-Meghan Young  

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