Tuesday 18 Jun 2013


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A collaboration between Cherem Arquitectos and Daniel Braverman, the premise for the design on these restaurants was to create a unique contemporary Asiatic look and feel, without being a cliché. To create different atmospheres in the restaurant by using only 2 materials: wood and stone; and creating contrast and balance between the two of them.

To make a different contemporary Asian restaurant without referring to something local or ethnic. To design something without revealing a place or country, to create a restaurant with its own signature, for it to be timeless in it’s design. To create different atmosphere; and at last we wanted the cooking to be attractive or something you could see everywhere.

The result was very interesting because we were able to create a unique space by using two materials. We created an Asiatic look and feel but with its own originality. We were able to create different spaces in the interior, such as a central sushi bar, creating a unique and dynamic atmosphere for the visitors.


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