120 West 21st Street
Tuesday 18 Jun 2013


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Durukan Design's renovation of 120 West 21st Street is a revival of a classic apartment lobby in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The residential entrance area's most prominent and most challenging feature was its original intricate marble floor pattern.

Durukan Design's renovation preserved and enhanced the marble floor's classic aesthetic by adding design elements reflecting and complimenting its oval geometry. The recessed ceiling design mimics the size and shape of the main marble oval on the floor, while the addition of metallic ceiling paint and hand blown glass light fixtures creates a resounding symmetrical effect.

Homage to the lobby's central marble floor continues with the use of various reflective materials throughout the lobby.  This approach provided complementary and consistent reflection of the timeless surface. In addition, a once bulky and heavy wood concierge desk was updated by a sleek custom black-mirrored glass desk, and a once unadorned wall was enhanced with a stunning combination of antique mirrors and oversized warm chocolate-coloured Italian porcelain tile. All of these new design elements serve the purpose of reflecting the central marble floor.

The previous lobby design was weighed down by an overabundance of outdated wood paneling. Durukan Design eliminated an entire wood paneled wall that was once used to provide privacy between the concierge and the elevator area. It was then replaced with a lustrous and modern stainless steel mesh curtain that functions as a privacy screen, yet allows for light and movement. The mailroom was updated with a fresh colour scheme, custom millwork, and a unique glass pendant. The corridors were also given a face-lift with new lighting that creates a more intimate feel and current wall coverings that revitalise the space. By adding unique accessories like glowing planters, this lobby was modernised and perfected while maintaining its original character.

This project was completed in June 2012.


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