TADKA rasoi
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The TADKA rasoi Indian restaurant is located on the second floor of The Marriott Beijing Northeast Hotel. The hotel features three gourmet restaurants. There are a total of 462 seats divided between the three restaurants; the Indian focused restaurant (Tadka Rasoi) contains 114 seats, the Chinese focused restaurant (Choy’s) contains 14 in the open dining and 74 seats in a series of private dining rooms, and the Three Meal focused restaurant (Beijing Bistro) has 160 seats.

The concept was developed around the Tandoori traditional Indian open fire cooking. The interior spaces combine seductive Indian richness and sparkle contrasted with moody and dramatic lighting.

The restaurant reflects an eclectic mix of the finest modern Indian craftsmanship in a sophisticated stylish setting. Upon entering you are welcomed by the host stand strategically located in front of a transparent decorative screen that leads you into the comfortable lounge area featuring a fireplace below a stunning natural stone wall mural.

The restaurant is warm and luxurious with specially designed copper lamps reflecting the romantic side of India. The use of orange and purple in combination with the copper details creates a comfortable and familiar inviting ambience.

As the Design Architect and Architect of Record, we worked closely with the food service consultant, food service operator and local vendors to meet strict food service design standards for the kitchen production spaces.  We coordinated all aspects of food service design and the supporting MEP/FP systems.  We were particularly mindful of all issues related to the food service occupational safety standards local to Beijing. Along with our consultants, we worked to develop a kitchen design that is efficient yet also aesthetically pleasing and where the flow of food product in and out is at the operator’s specifications as well as the diner’s expectations.