New Dynasty Renaissance, Shanghai
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The 258,000 sq ft Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel is a Western-operated hotel that reflects the history of Shanghai where Western influences have mixed with Eastern cultures over many years.  The intent was to create a hotel that is warm and welcoming, where service is oriented to the patron’s experience, where the design tells a subtle cultural story for guests from the East as well as business travelers from the West.

New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is part of the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel. The concept was developed around the Tang Dynasty, known as the most powerful in China's feudal society and the most prosperous in the world of its day.

The modern interpretation of the design elements features, as a focal point, the Tang Dynasty bronze bell created with hand crafted glass and self-illuminated with beautiful soft warm light. The glass bells are installed along the perspective in different sizes and styles to complement the overall feel of the space. The Cantonese cuisine, with Szechuan & Shanghainese offerings, enhances the beauty of the space. As is customary, the restaurant includes multiple private dining rooms, each room contains private pantry kitchens and unique elements providing an intimate dining experience. The design was successfully implemented as a celebration of the traditional Chinese culture with the modern respectful interpretation of the culture.

The tea bar takes off from the Royal tea set of the Tang Dynasty, with a display of a series of tea pots in different shapes and forms complements the architecture.

Overall the interior architectural spaces are complemented by art and accessories inspired from traditional Chinese elements such as the Chinese medicine cabinet, the traditional Chinese musical instrument, and other art and accessories that made the Tang Dynasty unique to its time. The reinvention of these elements using modern materials to achieve the unique combination of the old and new, gave the restaurant an personalized white table cloth touch.