Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The location is a film complex housed on two levels. The entrance, offices and a restaurant are located on the lower floor. The escalator goes to the second level where cinema halls, snack bar, a Japanese restaurant are placed.

The objective of UNK project was to create a symbolic object that will attract the attention of residents and visitors in Sochi. The concept was designing using three-dimensional modelling software in the design concept of a shell and its next incarnation (detailed design). The unique characteristics of the property meant a holistic approach was applied to the organization of space – the overflowing cover into the shell mirror creates the atmosphere of the interior.

The architectural solution was that an indoor "shell" as a wavy flowing sphere avoiding hanging communication of different height and floor slabs, smoothly passes from one space to another.

The direction of circular mirrors, which makes up the cover, is designed in a special programme based on the parameters to mark ceiling and suspension systems of communications. The number and direction creates a dome effect of overflowing polished mirror scatter rays of searchlights, uniformly filling the entire space with light.

Eaves go along the perimeter of the space and behind the eaves spotlights are placed. The whole lighting system is built on a reflective light from these discs. Materials of interior's solutions include: Mirrors using composites with an aluminium topcoat; the surface of the mirror is polished high-gloss; the walls of the main hall are beige and orange in colour; the floors are all grey granite; and the furniture in the lounge are from Kartell and Arper.

The architects of the project: Yulyi Borisov, Vladimir Garanin, Irina Kolokolova , Julia Tryaskina

Address: Sochi, ul. New Dawn, 7

The total area Cineplex: 2800 sq ft

Shell area: 800 sq m


Project creation date: 2010-11

UNK project