The Bourbon Room
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The Bourbon Room, a new bar and nightclub venue at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, is inspired by the legendary Sunset Strip nightclub that serves as a setting for the hit musical Rock of Ages. The show had recently opened down the hall, and the hotel decided to revive a neglected lounge area by tying in the theme.

The down-to-earth thematic approach JZA+D utilised matches the vibe of the show while still overcoming the challenge of achieving an environment that evokes the 1980s-era theme without being a carbon copy of the sets. The resulting interior is a "backstage-meets-back-alley" concept that is evocative of the show, but stands on its own. The space is crafted to subtly transition from the Venetian's classic Italian style to a rough andexciting lounge area.

Once inside, a strong and distinct mood is established with dramatic lighting, lounge seating, and a rugged leather-jacket décor. JZA+D designed and created all of the furniture, including guitar-pick-shaped tables and chairs made with faux leather and metal studs, to reinforce the interior concept and recall the fashion of the era. In addition to the leather-sided furniture, corrugated metal panels evoke a raw, back alley feel. In contrast, the theatrical lighting, concert trusses, and flat-screen displays introducea backstage vibe. The resplendent 1980s imagery is amplified by live dance performancesand a VJ (Video Jockey-an idea hatched at the dawn of the MTV era); both are featured on elevated stages where they help to bring the venue to life.

The Bourbon Room has radically opened and energised the space by more than doubling the seating capacity while still maintaining the popular bar location and slot machines. The result is a uniquely contemporary new attraction for the casino resort that takes full advantage of the original space and uses innovative materials and finishes to augment its thematic style.