Zio Gelato
Monday 17 Jun 2013


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As part of the renovations to the retail spaces in the Venetian Clocktower in Las Vegas, a 550 sq ft nook was carved out to become a boutique gelato store and créperie called Zio Gelato. Because of its diminutive size, the client deemed it a priority that the space be arranged in such a way that would not feel cramped or uncomfortable to patrons. JZA+D's design achieved an open and seemingly spacious retail venue by inventive use of colour andgeometry.

The space was pushed to its volumetric limits to take advantage of the maximum available space within the tiny envelope. Because the store could not expand widthwise, JZA+D took the flat ceiling and vaulted a section upward to create the illusion of more space, as well as amore dynamic interior. Large storefront openings and two sets of sliding doors multitask by guiding traffic, providing the space with more light and air, and, perhaps most importantly,showcasing the treats awaiting consumption inside. A ribbon of bright orange runs along the contours of ceiling and captivates the attention ofpassers-by, had they not already been drawn to the delicious gelato on display. The orange ribbon, which has become tied to the company's branding, accentuates the unconventionality of the space. By having it run along the entire length of the store, a clarity and order is facilitated for the venue. Floating on the glowing edge of the ribbon is a line of text with the repeating word "gelato,"that calls out to potential customers.

Integrating graphics into the space and interior design helps to further unify the entire vision. The vibrant colours of the ribbon, lighting, and gelato are offset by using stark white porcelain tile as a background and dark concrete tile as abase. Zio Gelato defies the confines of its sq footage and, like its delectable flavours, packs alot of punch into a small package.