Monday 17 Jun 2013


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The project requirements consisted in the design of a night club/bar that provides the quality of been an exceptional meeting place. Based in the centre area of Enjoy Santiago, which is located in the middle region of the country, this project is surrounded by a semi desertic landscape, with a unique geography and vegetation characteristic of the zone.

The night club/bar’s objective was to ensure a strong identity regards the geography and cultural characteristics of the valley in which it is located. In this matter, there are some elements worthy of recognition.

The protected ancient Algarrobo tree present in the zone, with large evergreen foliage, has been used since ancient times as a protection against cold and summer heat. As well Pircas stones, configurations of middle size stones, were used to enclose and protect areas by the aborigine people of the zone. As is also common to find small pools among the rocks, product of the melting water from the surrounding hills.

That is why the design of the project has metaphorically collected these items using the tree as the central image of the design, in which the trunk is made ??based on coated metal frame and sterigraphed backlight glass, used as support for the bar bottles and the tree foliage. The leaves are represented based on suspended triangular panels with a backup structure. These panels lean and overlap each other to allow permeability and the views from the second level. While recreates the feeling of being "under the shadow” of the Algarrobo tree.

The placement of the illuminated elements allows this area to gain great dynamism, where the changing lights and colours give support to the entertainment atmosphere. Also, the great deepness of the lager ceiling scale, allows checking the technical installations without interrupt with the casino routine. 

The whole place is surrounded by PIRCAS configuration, made with local stones and mixed with shallow water pools, providing to the night club/bar a high degree of privacy by creating a vibrant environment in the centre of the casino.

Project Architects: Estudio Larrain/ Rodrigo Larrain Gálvez /Rodrigo Larrain Illanes

Collaborators: Pedro Leyton / Alonso de Orbegoso/ María José Peña 



Photographer: Rodrigo Larrain Illanes


Estudio Larrain


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