Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Steaming! That's how the night is in Rua da Galeria de Paris in Oporto. Bubbling with people, entertainment, life and light. The nightlife resides now there, and it lasts until late hours. Many people passing by, the street filled with voices, laughter, night colours, smoke and drink.

The bar É PRA PONCHA intends to contribute with quality to the experience of the Oporto night. These were the assumptions when the project was solicited. To this we added the challenges inherent to the program, namely, the requirements for the installation of a drinking establishment, the formatting of the space, narrow and with depth and the identity of the drinks gallery inside the Rua da Galeria de Paris. Thus arose the idea of creating a gallery as a cave space consisting of a series of horizontal layers, capable of creating a welcoming environment to the nightlife.

Simultaneously these horizontal strata that wave organically shaping the various spaces, create voids, different chambers, where they develop support services to the bar, such as, the clean pantry, the dirty pantry, the toilet facilities for clients and staff, and storage room. On the other hand, the gallery, unitary space for the clients, lives for the interior and exterior. That is, it develops a friendly tunnel that opens into the deeper and more interior hall, combining different experiences throughout its diversified, narrow and deep emotions within the chamber and sharing emotions with the outdoors. Both counters reflect white light, simulating ice, like two icebergs floating in the frigid waters of the sea, reflecting both the white ice and the blue of the waters. Inside the gallery the night environment changes slowly: colour takes over the space, overflowing emotions of ecstasy.

The distinct horizontal strata are marked by colour variation that transforms the space from the icy white or blue gallery to the warm colours that reflect the fruit and the fruity “poncha”. That’s how the nightlife goes, deep and intense, with mixed voices, laughter, people, light and shadow ... and drinks! Yes, and lots of poncha of different colours and flavors. The final result of the bar is over all emotive. The bar and poncha are a reference in the Oporto.

Designer: António Fernandez Architects

Design team: António Fernandez, arq.; Ema Rosmaninho, arq.

Built area: 140 sq m

Design Period: February 2011-April 2011

Completion period: January 2012-April 2012

Antonio Fernandez Architects