Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Is it possible to put contemporary art in alphabetical order? Can you file it?

How tell it to an exhibition audience?

Perhaps thinking of an exhibition that is also an archive, a special archive, like an artwork into artworks which allows to approach art in a different way.

It is an open and generous archive, where you can live a learning experience according to personal approach, and reinvent it each time with different materials.

In a timeless library are on stage the story of the DOCVA archive and the purposes of the MAXXI museum, in a dualism between tradition and contemporaneity that is also one of the interpretations of the space.

This encounter is embodied by a graphic: a big anamorphic sign fills part of the room. It is only possible to comprehend it entirely from the entrance, anywhere else it just looks like a wide collection of fragments and colored patterns scattered all over spaces and furnitures. 


Designer: Ghigos Ideas (Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Franceso Tosi)

Collaborators: Francesca Teruzzi, Francesca Grassi

Client: Fondazione MAXXI

Location: MAXXI, Via Guido Reni, Rome, Italy

Built area: 400sqm

Completion: December 2010

Finishing materials: Sidewalls are made of painted gypsumboards decorated with blue adhesive film. Floor has been left as was and olny partially decorated with blue adhesive film. All tables and chairs were produced on design and were made in lacquered wood and painted steel. Bookshelves and folders were white coloured versions of industrial products.

Photographer: All pictures shot by Ghigos Ideas, except “Anamorphosis_detail4.tif” and “Archive_1.tif” shot by Marco Villotti .

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