Friday 14 Jun 2013


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The client, the International Polar Foundation (IPF), was founded by Alain Hubert, who wants to draw attention to the uniqueness and importance of the poles as important factors for the climate. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA) Station, which is run by the IPF the exhibition “Inside the station” offers the visitor a journey to the Antarctica to become part of the science and technology adventure.

The exhibition aims to inform, educate and fascinate the visitors by the overwhelming landscape, the technological achievements and scientific knowledge that was gained in the past. Main target groups are scientifically interested people, families and school groups.

The design foresees three different areas. When entering from the main corridor in the Tour&Taxis exhibition building in Brussels, the visitor enters the Prologue, which explains the way of getting from Brussels to Antarctica via ship or plane. Flagpoints guide the visitor and give a feeling of distances. This space is rather dark and works with large-scale city images and spatial graphics. Entering the main room narrative the visitor steps in the Antarctic Landscape in which the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA) Station is embedded. This part of the exhibition is dedicated to the „white-out“ experience you would have in the Antarctic snow desert. A bright white space with a centred model transports themes like logistics, landscape, scientific research (geology, biology, glaciology, atmosphery), and also the return journey with a cinematic projection in the epilogue.

The visitor’s path through the white-out is intersected by a walk-in reproduction of the PEA Station’s interior, with areas such as daily life, living, sleeping and working. Centred in the PEA Station, the visitor finds the technology room with the main multimedia installation. It is the technical core with it’s intelligent smart grid control for power and water as interactive table. This is where the visitor can experience the zero emission technology of the PEA station.