Bank of Montreal
Friday 14 Jun 2013


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The build-out on the 28th floor of First Canadian Place in Toronto is a large alternative workplace strategy initiative for BMO that also serves as the design and execution benchmark for all future BMObility facilities. The conceptual strategy was hardened through the need to accommodate two very distinct lines of business - Media Communications and Human Resources. Our spatial paradigm had to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate vastly divergent needs on a single floor plate while projecting a coherent brand presence.

Stantec's design response focused on implementing BMO's recently established goals for all their space by interpreting several key principles:

1. Create the best possible employee experience

2. Enable higher levels of collaboration in the workplace

3. Reinforce environmental policy

4. Fiscal awareness

5. Deliver a branded experience

Stantec's design strategy was inspired by urban community, where a range of activities, from quiet contemplation to noisy and collaborative, are organised into neighbourhoods appropriately serviced by relevant technology. Upon arrival at the workplace, employees book the type of space and neighbourhood that best suits their workflow and collaborative needs. The organisational clarity of the space ensures a clear, transparent environment that effortlessly guides them to a neighbourhood that matches their work style and collaboration needs.

BMO's environmental goals were met by focusing on a key strategy - reducing total space and reliance on fixed, immoveable elements. Simply put, building less is the single best way to reduce BMO's environmental footprint. Material selection was based on re-useable elements that can be re-deployed as space and work needs change over time. By not building any fixed elements along the perimeter, the entire space is suffused with natural light and offers dramatic views of downtown Toronto. These simple design moves support fundamental environmental objectives while also reducing BMO's financial investment in the space.

BMO's brand is embodied in every aspect of the space. The workplace enables a culture of collaboration and nimbleness underpinned by a professional corporate ethos. The spatial organisation is clear, logical and self-organising. Materials are high-quality, durable and sustainable. BMO's core business and signage are expressed throughout the space and not simply ‘announced' in a lobby sign. Everything about the space is driven by our desire to use the space to establish a coherent brand message that encompasses both BMO's employees and their customers.

Stantec Architecture Ltd.

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