Pinkeye Studio
Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Pinkeye is a multidisciplinary design studio, with various in-house specialisms, so their way of working is very dynamic and their output is highly diverse. Working in a crossover way demands a studio that allows you to do that. This calls for a communal area that facilitates interaction to a certain extent, with smaller workstations to group together and brainstorm about a certain project. The central element in the design of the 600 sq m space is a dividing wall that runs the length of the work space. Clad in diagonally framed wooden beams, the wall's interplay of lines creates structures and atmosphere, providing a framework that accommodates several more intimate spaces. Half moon shaped cut outs make for windows that reveal more intimate rooms, an intervention to create quiet, private work spaces in the overall open office.

The interior is a mixture of design and no-nonsense. The pinewood struts that support the wall are intentionally left raw and the four perfectly curved openings in the tall wall are placed symmetrically, which gives the entire space a funny 'sacred' feel. It is a childhood filled with building treehouses that lies at the root of the design.

Pinkeye works in a crossover way, meaning that they strongly belief in a cross-inspirational work flow. Around each project they create a project group with experts on the specific matter, so they need many spaces for brainstorming and brain picking. They felt it was important that the entire space felt inviting, professional but casual in the same way.

The most difficult part and real challenge in this design was to create more intimate spaces around the communal working area that were engaging enough to draw people away from their work station into these spaces in order to brainstorm and exchange ideas with each other.

The design of the project started in January 2012 and finished in April 2012. The construction started in May 2012 and ended in November 2012.


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