Sanya Pullman Hotel
Friday 14 Jun 2013


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Hainan Island is known as the “Hawaii of Asia”.  Located on the island’s shore, Sanya offers the most beautiful coastal scenery, with blazing white sand, Ping Fengqing waves and many stunning bays.  The Case Coconut Dream Corridor is located in Sanya Bay, near the North Mountains which reveal unrivaled views of the South China Sea.

The interior design uses this unique location with its wonderful natural landscape as the design focus.  Both the interior design and the architecture echo nature’s organic shapes, textures and colors.  The designers have carefully and cleverly fused the charm of Classic Chinese design with that of Southeast Asia and the tropical flavor of this part of the country.  The furniture has been selected to combine the concept of international modern design and its implied Western humanism and comfort with that of Asian history and symbolism to create an atmosphere of elegance, luxury and discerning taste.

As the guest enters the building through the shell-shaped arch, this nautical theme begins to reveal itself in the rhythm of arches, enhanced by the use of light and reddish-brown wooden beams combining to form bands of light and the visual drama of color and reflective surfaces associated with Southeast Asia and her people.  The Lobby flooring of ground stone and gold shells provide an elegant surface for a dazzling and elegant space in the resort style. 

The Lobby Desk with its exquisite traditional Chinese screen forms the background for the lamps and the symmetrical arrangement of four antique Shima, inspired by the Chinese architectural church pattern layout, is reminiscent of the asymmetric Chiang Kai-Shek calm.

The Lobby Bar furnishings continue the elegant, resort style with light-colored linen fabrics and the contrasting reddish-brown wood, comfortable and relaxed, set against the natural solid wood floor.

The entire space has been designed to provide a peaceful, elegant resort atmosphere where the guest can unwind, relax and absorb the sea view and ocean air.  The unique combination of East and West in the design offers an experience never to be forgotten.

The Pullman Restaurant on the First Floor of the hotel connected with lush landscaping is constructed with dark wooden columns and traditional dark Chinese screen enclosures.  This forms an open gallery space penetrated with windows and sunshine.  This layout is inspired by the concept of the traditional Chinese garden pavilion.

With the careful placement of Chinese paintings and other works of art set against the dark grey textures of the stone wall and combined with contemporary leather furniture, the interior design continues to fuse the traditional with the modern, the elaborate with the simple and West with East.  With the addition of the celebratory Chinese red embellishment, the Sanya Pullman restaurant offers a unique resort-style Chinese dining experience.

The Sea Pullman Ocean view Hotel has 469 rooms, all facing the South China Sea; every room has a view.  The room design and layout make full use of this fabulous vista which becomes the focus of the design.  The room is built in a simple, elegant design, with the use of transparent elements, always allowing the guest the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the sea, even while in bed.

As in the public areas, the room design combines the elegance of Chinese and Southeast Asian style with the comforts of Western beds and bathroom fittings.  The Chinese-style room furniture with black screens and red accents is set against the large expanse of white walls and contemporary backdrop.


As the guest enjoys his time at this “Chinese Hawaii” location, he can enjoy all the best of Western and Asian culture, design and cuisine which, along with the amazing sea views will make his experience at this Sanya hotel truly unforgettable.