SCW & RAR Offices
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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Since the 7th of June 2012, the Stichting Christelijke Woningcorporatie (SCW) en Regionaal Archief Rivierenland (RAR) have a new accommodation. The accommodation, a building of 6686 sq m, is shared by both companies share and lives up to the newest requirements. A wish of the clients was that their identities had to be clearly visible in the interior.

Annekoos Littel Interieurarchitecten BNI found a solution for this and developed a special concept regarding the interior, in which the river landscape of the Dutch 'Betuwe' is a central theme. In this way it was possible to realise an interior in which the people of this Betuwe region, in which Tiel is situated, feel at home in the building. An eye-catching aspect of the design, and another visible part of the RAR's identity in the interior, is the exhibition of the archives' most special archive files on transparent walls of the public archive, by means of printing photos on 'EdgedFoils'. This idea was already presented by Annekoos Littel and her team in the earliest draft. Natural shades of green and taupe play a major role throughout the interior, and are used in the materials of the furniture and on the inside of the building. The carpet tiles, that are stain resistant, are playfully placed in the atrium, the archives and the offices.

This greatly improves the acoustics of the building. The panel curtains, which have a leaf pattern, enhance the privacy in the offices. The curtains were designed by Annekoos Littel's team especially for this project. Moreover, Annekoos Littel Interieurarchitecten BNI was responsible for the design of the customised goods and the choice of the furniture. During the projects stainability has played a central role, in which the ‘Cradle 2 Cradle' way of designing has been of major importance.

It has been a challenge to design an interior for two completely different companies and still keep their respective identities and make them both feel at home. However, Annekoos Littel Interieurarchitecten BNI has been able to fulfill the wishes of the clients, who are very happy and content with the result.

Annekoos Littel Interieurarchitecten bni