Burlington Arcade
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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Burlington Arcade is a Grade II listed shopping mall dating back to 1819. The lighting brief aimed to raise the arcade’s profile as a tourist destination by sensitively restoring the appearance of the arcade as well as providing infrastructure to support events. The high profile of the Arcade attracted a lot of media attention and resulted in a challenging planning process; this, coupled with the historic nature of the building, meant there was a need for sensitivity when designing the scheme and specifying details and fixtures.

For the Piccadilly Façade, a layered scheme was developed to reveal the key façade elements, with the internal flank walls uplit to create an inviting entrance. Great care was taken to match the colour temperature of LED fixtures from different manufacturers, and discrete integration was utilized for the signage uplighting. The Burlington Gardens façade is gently washed with light, with detail added through discrete spotlighting and concealed signage lighting. In keeping with the existing Art Deco style, a welcoming entrance was created via a backlit glazed canopy, replacing a utilitarian hardboard soffit and metal halide downlights. The appearance of the shop windows in the interior of the arcade was integral to attracting shoppers back to Burlington Arcade. Downlighting creates a brighter zone around the shop frontages to ensure that attention is concentrated on their windows, whilst guidelines were produced to ensure that tenants, as they refurbish their stores, develop lighting that enhances both their shop and the look of the arcade.

Custom LED fixtures were created to integrate into the skylights, specially profiled and fitted with louvres to minimise their presence. The feature archways are tightly spotlit using miniature LED fittings with elliptical lenses to ensure accurate lighting. All cabling throughout the arcade has been routed through profiles conduits imperceptibly integrated into the mouldings of the window frames. Concealed outlets are provided for events together with DMX control over the whole installation. Uplighting was essential in improving the appearance of the arcade, with a new miniature linear LED lighting system designed to accomplish this.

The lighting programming progressively reveals the details of the architecture throughout the evening, starting at a crisp 4000K to dispel the gloomy appearance on dull days. The light then warms and dims throughout the evening, ending at 2700K around sunset. This colour temperature evokes the warmth and softness of gas light, the means by which the arcade was first lit.