Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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Our new office space of Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd. was not conceived only as a workplace but as their 'home'. The warm and relaxing atmosphere creates pleasant days in the office. The openness of the space with a totally open plan where everyone can see one another encourages a collaborative and friendly environment where people informally exchange ideas comfortably.

The design of the studio is intentionally simple so as to become an unbiased open-ended background for creative work process. The main public area at the lobby space is a highly flexible space ready for different room configurations to serve multiple uses. The usual setting is a cosy lobby area with different small table groups serving as an office common space where people can come for a group discussion, brainstorming, having a cup of coffee and doing some sketches, or informally meeting with guests. The space can turn into a conference room, a presentation space, or a lecture space with different furniture arrangements and lighting scenes while a curtain can be pulled out for a more private spatial demarcation from the rest of the office. This area can also host parties and various other kinds of events.

The round tables with different sizes and heights are especially designed to allow for flexible room configurations without fixed angle or layout pattern. The low table and lounge chair setting is designed for an informal atmosphere even in a conference or presentation mode so that the participants feel more casual and relaxing rather than upright formal.

As an architect's office, the intention was for works to be displayed in the lobby area but in a more subtle way. A collection of various design elements from different projects reveal themselves in the form of light and shadows leaking through different folds of all the walls around the room enveloping the entire space.

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