Hysan Place
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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The Hysan Place brief was to create a contemporary dynamic retail interior that utilises the unique vertical space of the 17-level mall. The interior design was to capture the essence and personality of the youthful demographic the client wished to target. The chosen design encapsulated the four key words from the brief, ‘feminine, natural, fun and young’, to create a stunning interior that embodied those elements to pitch the destination as ‘The Place for all things Stylish’.

Benoy also worked closely with the client to help fulfil their sustainable objectives. As a LEED Platinum standard installation, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, great care has been given in the selection of all materials including low energy light sources, recycled timber flooring, water saving devices and a state-of-the art ventilation system .

Benoy purposefully zoned the 42,000 sq m interior space into two distinct areas. Lower floors have been designed for Retail with a crisp and fresh interior, while the upper floors are created to be warm and inviting for the Food and Beverage (F&B) area, tempting the visitor upwards.  Two atria dominating both the upper and lower areas were given a dramatic curved design that flowed into the architectural lines of the mall, paying homage to the feminine aspect of the brief and enticing visitors to travel upwards fluidly. Express escalators and elevators ensure visitors have every vertical transportation option available to them.

To help guide the visitor, clever interior detailing was adopted to give specific areas their own personality. A fresh, neutral, monochrome palette was adopted in the lower retail levels with subtle LED lighting to highlight the bold curved lines, to successfully allow the retail to become the focal point of the space. In the upper F&B levels, natural and warm tones achieved through the use of wood detailing encourages visitors to pause and dwell.

Quirky use of graphic street art imagery and larger visual representations are featured throughout, appearing in spaces visitors wouldn’t normally expect (such as the washrooms, elevator interiors and car lobbies and alongside escalators) to create the youthful, fun, discovery style ambiance appealing to the target demographic.

Causeway Bay is dynamic and at times chaotic environment. An innovative approach was taken to raise the ground floor up to create an inviting and calm haven away from the busy streets below, establishing a natural meeting place, like a modern town square, that is still open to the elements to give a fresh and flowing feeling.

Since opening in August 2012, Hysan Place has been immensely successful bringing new international brands to the Hong Kong market and on its first day of opening boasted over 130,000 visitors.  Hysan Place shows that dedicated design can create a landmark destination and creativity can complement a retail space, shaping the consumer experience as much as inspiring their imagination.

Facts & Figures

Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Architect: KPF

Interior Architect: Benoy

Developer: Hysan Properties

Size: 42,000 sq m


Completion date: August 2012