Gorman Boutique
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


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The Gorman Highpoint project creates a tangible space that represents the brand's distinctive and whimsical style and serves as an extension of the brand’s aesthetic. An artful play of timber surfaces and geometric patterns, the store design for Gorman utilises balanced combinations of natural timber, metal, and stone the project offers a versatile space for staff to display the product range and welcome retail customers to experience the range in inspiring surrounds.

A signature undulating ceiling and dynamic shop front lend movement and play with the eye, inviting the retail customer to explore the world within. The design creates an enticing space framed by the warmth of recycled messmate timber walls and limed oak parquetry which highlights the individuality of the products on display without detracting from their focus.

Products are displayed on varying configurations of copper metal rails and re-milled tree-trunk pedestals while natural fibre carpets and timber furnishings complete the overall image in keeping with Gorman’s philosophy of modernity inspired by the everyday.

An LED energy-efficient lighting scheme was essential without losing any intensity, quality of lighting or light temperature. Energy efficient LED lighting was incorporated throughout the project delivering all the benefits of other lighting sources whilst consuming significantly less energy and incurring fewer long-term replacement costs. Timber finishes and products were a large component of the project. All natural, locally available timbers and oil finishes were used throughout the project for floors and walls that are long lasting and low-maintenance. Recycled messmate timber was utilised throughout for walls and ceiling and stools and display stands were re-milled from fallen tree trunks.

This project pushes the brand's identity to even higher heights and highlights the designer’s desire to continually develop and update design ideas to meet the demand of an increasingly sophisticated retail customer; creating natural beauty for forward fashions.