Pretty Please
Thursday 13 Jun 2013


Award banner

Pretty Please creates a world of fantasy, a sinful opulence coupled with a unique private lounge experience. The club draws inspiration from New York and Las Vegas style super clubs so perfectly tailored for a night of sensory indulgence. In this project the designer used colour, graphics and texture in the most innovative and striking way.

Upon entering, the patron is engulfed in an enchanted forest, skilfully created by the bespoke vinyl graphic depicting brightly coloured, over scaled foliage and exotic flowers which wrap seamlessly from the floor, up the walls and across the ceiling. Here the waterfall motif staircase cascades continuously in the mirrored panels abutting each step. Passing the lush velvet curtain at the top the stairs, visitors are drenched in the rich pink glow of the juxtaposed neon “Pretty Please” sign, emanating from its mirrored substrate.

A white Corian bar appears floating above a crisp, clean line of light, grounded by an impressive feature of curved, up-lit bottles climbing into the double height void above the patrons. Private enclaves are sculpted on the mezzanine cocktail lounge above, internal open rooms on raised platforms form private booths with deep set velvet banquettes and upholstered wall panelling, each area differing in colour composition and texture.

The large first floor bar is custom made from Corian to create the tapered form, taking full advantage of the materials ability to create a seamless design element. The white bar sits proudly in the foreground of a black mirrored wall with an illuminated white recessed bottle shelf. Custom ruby red coloured silk carpet and polished stainless steel tables add to the rich tapestry of colour and texture used throughout the venue. At Pretty Please, the designer has mapped out a rich sensory journey, where spaces reveal themselves to visitors with elegance and delight.