Deli at Taj Gateway
Tuesday 11 Jun 2013


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Gateway Taj, from the Taj group of hotels wanted a café of 800 sq ft space giving a lounge feel, appealing to the hotel guests and the local crowd that reflects the change that Kochi is witnessing today.

The idea of a café being primarily a transit space was the basic premise around which the design evolved. The design reflects the local references with the site being located opposite the Kochi port. The key design elements holding the space together includes the glow wall, saucer lights, the rusty wall, incandescent lighting and the Kochi-New York installation. The rustic metal wall symbolises the seafarer and the booming Kochi port located at close proximity to the Taj Gateway. It suggests the feeling of being close to these weather beaten vessels. Rusted sheets collected from scrap houses (painted with sealer to arrest further rusting) have been used for this purpose.

The filament light installation adds a touch of nostalgia, a sweet longing while acknowledging the changing preferences of been replaced by CFL and LED lights. Keeping energy costs in mind, the 361 lights glow with a bare minimum intensity so that only the filament glows. Used iron saucers that are often used to mix cement and aggregates at construction sites are used as ceiling lights here. T5 tubes are embedded within these painted saucers.

One entire wall of the Deli is covered with recycled mild steel sheets staggered over seven levels, painted in seven different shades of coffee. These sheets also collected from scrap houses around the city, brilliantly cover the lights and lend an interesting character to the seating area. The LED light source consumes minimum electricity. Each visitor can have their own interpretation of the installation. Even when not lit, the warm tonnes of coffee, add depth and cosiness to the space.

The New York-Kochi installation has abstract maps of the two cities represented on the red walls of the café comparing the established melting pot of the world to the expanding metropolis that Kochi is. The Deli at Gateway sign extrudes out from the installation by metal components of varying heights. Similarly the city map of New York with its grid layout also extruded to morph into a bread stand. A total number of 5000 M.S chrome plated components have been used to achieve this.

The café opened its doors to the public on 14th February 2010 and is running successfully.

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