Tuesday 11 Jun 2013


Award banner is one of the world’s leading online travel providers. When the company decided to move its corporate office, it wanted to create a more collaborative, open, fun workplace that would engage and energize its young workforce and support the free flow of information and the exchange of ideas. also wanted the office to highlight their new brand identity and communicate their global reach to customers and visitors. The design program called for a 100% open workspace with many different kinds of work areas: focus, learning, collaborative and socializing spaces.

To promote health and wellness in the workplace, the perimeter was left largely unobstructed to allow natural light to permeate the interior. Personal workstations offer sit-to-stand functionality to promote greater employee comfort. A single, centrally located break room encourages mobility and socialization. To emphasize’s global, customer experience-focus, conference rooms and collaboration zones were themed to represent cities around the world (Rio, London, Sydney, etc.).

A system of iconic images was designed to evoke 14 different destinations (Hong Kong, Mexico City, Miami, etc.). These graphic icons were paired with large scale typography and a distinct materials palette. The entry into the space features a curved wall with 900 individually hung skeleton keys arranged to form an “H”. Illustrations of vintage hotel signs were applied to columns and elevator doors were wrapped to represent a diverse selection of classic hotel door designs. A wall off of the reception area allows employees to display postcards from their travels. Because schedule and budget were tight, readily available materials, like wooden picnic tables, were selected and painted to give them a custom appearance. Since moving into their new space, has reported a dramatic increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.