P Apartment Paris
Tuesday 11 Jun 2013


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The client's brief was to design a space that has a unique and emotional effect on the individual.

Claudio Silvestrin satisfied this request by moving beyond ‘design' and by entering into the realm of art. Art considered not as a movable thing/object but as a permanent space/installation.

The main feature of the 250 sq m space is a 13 m long cast bronze island of Kg 4,000 (thought as a horizontal obelisk), which stretches parallel to the fully glazed north/west facade overlooking Avenue Montaigne.

When entering the apartment, one is moved by the view of the Eiffel Tower framed by a chapel-like window.

At the two opposite poles that are 31 m apart, fire and water mirror each other.

Every single item of fixture, lighting and furniture is designed by Claudio Silvestrin. The only exception, one Wegner chair. 

Claudio Silvestrin Architects


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