Romeo. Chef & Bacher
Tuesday 11 Jun 2013


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The project idea was born from visionary research of conceiving a magical, dynamic, surprising, highly emotional space, which would allow the users to get closer to the architecture.

Synergy between the atmosphere, architecture, design and food, all facing innovation and experimentation, with a view of research, originality and the refusal natural trends, fashions and consolidated languages??.

The designers created an environment designed around a composition of contrasting materials and colour: The existing enclosure of the red brick wall, leather sofas and patchwork bags, the raw wood wall back counter and blackboard painted walls of the equipment room, the glossy white ceiling lamps and organic tissue, the rough concrete of the bar and the sparkling red resin floors, the plans of the counters in raw black wood boards and the restaurant tables in glossy black, and the lamina crude iron that develops in the private room with the printed curtains acting as a fabric filter. 

Another design goal was to develop a process that would allow the visitor to discover angles and perspectives, always different, moving within an architectural shell, tainted by a series of functional and formal elements, treated as "art installations" that pay homage to famous contemporary artists, in the belief that art, architecture and design can live together in every type of architectural design, including a commercial place.  The concept was to create a functional space which stimulates strong emotional feedback and perceptual or sensory engagement with the surroundings.

The architectural elements include the "nest" (lattice of pipes and lighting), the surfaces of rotation in red resin and skylights (large funnel towards the sky), lamp "stone" made of elastic, the casing brutal pre-existing (walls, descendants, beams of concrete, architectural imperfections etc), the counter in blocks of rough concrete, the cabinet/wall rear bench in wood, the folded sheet-iron floor and ceiling of the private room, the iron furniture, sculptures and diaphragms, the counters of rough-hewn wooden black, the planter/central bench, the floor, the staircase and the sessions resin, and finally the automatic awnings as separation screens.




Andrea Lupacchini Architetto

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