Cristini Lounge Bar
Monday 10 Jun 2013


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In this project the designer, Andrea Lupacchini, has tried to achieve a bar that could accommodate the variety offered during business hours of the day, starting in the morning with breakfast, through to the Lounge Bar at night, always offering the most emotional contribution of architecture while ensuring excellent technical efficiency in services and furnishings.

Three sheets of white and shiny organic form intersect the space offering expansions and compressions. The perspective is enhanced by reflective surfaces (which contribute to the widening of perspectives). They grow horizontally and vertically as white spots on a dark and warm background, bent, cut and deformed only to make room for functional elements, exhibition or technicians.

The enclosure wall was treated with chocolate glaze and it is covered in some places by retro glasses painted the same colour as the walls below. These glasses serve the function of widening the space thanks to the effect of reflection and are placed in correspondence of the most critical points from the perceptual point of view. Corian, in various shapes, reflects the profiles of the slots.

The sheets made of glossy gel coat contain the technical lighting (spotlights), housed in rooms shaped like "craters", obtained in the negative or positive with respect to the surface, and the slots are lit with LED lights, which will call the same three-dimensional effect of the edges, to enhance the deformation of the perimeter of the sheets, in correspondence of functional gaps.

In an environment so articulated from the point of view of the "skin", the counter has been treated as a monolithic element; very regular and essential in shape and elegance.

The light is the element that changes the environment during the day. We go from a strong light, direct and indirect, for the hours of the day, when the work is done primarily as a bar, café and ice cream parlor, lighting effect of the backlights of the pastry and the direct light of the cylindrical lamps for the evening.

The light home automation, complete with different lighting scenarios functions that take place in the room and the light intensity is constantly changing, depending on the weather conditions outside.

Andrea Lupacchini Architetto

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