Monday 10 Jun 2013


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Designed by Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau, the brief was to design the new office space of BLUE Communications, an interactive agency. 

Founded in 1998, the Montreal based company specialises in web development, branding, content creation, e-commerce, social media, mobile apps and databases. Their corporate space is located in the south-western downtown part of Montreal (Griffintown) on the 8th floor of the LEED building Carrefour d'Innovation INGO (now owned by École de Technologie Supérieure), which was previously the brewing tower of the famous Dow brewery.

The mandate was to section different work zone to create a stimulating environment, favourable to creation and encourage communication between each user. The open space allows each user to benefit the spatiality of each area, the natural light from high fenestration and the panoramic view on Montreal. A white universe was opted with all its splendour for a space that brings serenity and lightness for each user. The experience starts from the entrance, transition via a compress space where the blue light from the logo, impregnate us the identity of the agency, BLUE. On the wall, a shark gives the impression of floating in a basin of creativity; a metaphor to express that idea is beyond the border. The intentions of design were a continuity of LEED philosophy of the building throughout the project.

The idea behind the whole concept was to play with wide zones of living space to balance up with the 9 sq m ceiling. The conference room, closed by 3 m high glass panels, floats subtly into the space, yet conserving some privacy. It is the visual continuity of the 11 m long custom-maid communal table; the principal place of regrouping. Adjacent to this area, a row of semi-private administrative offices is divided by white superposed panels that create rhythm.

The uniformity of materials, colours, and chosen furniture fits with the architectural aspect of the space, where the 2,750 sq ft (838 sq m) concrete floor has been varnished and the walls, the ceiling pipes and conducts exposed are all painted white. The kitchen space, laboratory-like, is delimitated by a long white box placed on the ground; a multifunctional island maid locally with a colour core surface. The desks are made of white painted steel bases and the top table is structured of light weight panels with support cell honeycomb cardboard of recycled fibres covered with white colour-core surface. In the middle of the office, the lounge is an informal get-together area where all work-zones converges. The sofas are also custom-made. The black Mega Floor Artemide lampshade been chosen to reinforce the over-scale space and contrast with the white background. The Herman Miller Setu chairs and the conference Eames Table is certified LEED as well. 

Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau