Banyan Tree HuangShan Residential
Sunday 09 Jun 2013


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The interior design of the Banyan Tree, Huangshan focuses on the unique aesthetic of traditional Anhui architecture, integrated with a modern lifestyle and contemporary space. These features can be experienced through the connection of the clean, elegant lines of the interior space with the splendid natural environment.

The interior colouring is bright, to create a warm and contemporary atmosphere. Traditional materials and details are used to create a connection to the culture of the setting and to reflect the refined and elegant spaces of a traditional Anhui architectural.

The furniture is designed in a simple Ming Dynasty style, without complicated details. These are clean, simple pieces with a sense of grandeur which echo the forms of the surrounding landscape. The interior design combines the beauty of this special landscape with the proportion, colour and design of these rooms to create a unique series of spaces which reflect the culture and history of their setting.

HMD Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

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