Limassol Office
Sunday 09 Jun 2013


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Contrary to most interiors this is one where all the design elements are originated from its structure and use. The space is separated into two levels, architect's office on the first floor and dental surgery on the ground. The two spaces are linked by a common double height covered courtyard. The design is an active contributor to business success, and it addresses branding, employment satisfaction, recruitment success, and productivity as a whole.

The common double height covered entrance is an invitation to the public and at the same time provides the employees with means of visual communication, engagement, and comfort, without sacrificing their privacy. When the medical partition is removed at night, the dental chair can be seen from the street advertising its presence. The absence of doors between the surgery and reception and the small garden and water feature, helps to make patients feel less intimidated and more comfortable. One experiences the building in its exposed structure and the use of opposites.

The lightweight steel and locally sourced warm timber roof against the heavy and cool concrete curved wall. As a result the warm feels warmer and the cool feels cooler, giving one a sense of belonging. Finally there is an environmentally friendly approach to space heating and cooling, and water sourcing and recycling. Under floor heating is assisted with solar heated vacuum tubes. Cooling is assisted with buried pipes using a geothermal approach. Water to the toilets is from a well. Grey water is treated and rainwater is harvested and used for the small garden and pond.

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