Friday 07 Jun 2013


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The land is divided by a long wooden wall that configures one full side with the private and functional areas of the house and an empty side, the garden and a perpendicular slab to the wooden wall shading the social area of the house. Under this slab, the spaces is bathed by an indirect natural light throughout the entire day. On both sides, the door frames can be completely opened. The horizontal planes, floor and ceiling are dark and absorb the excess light, the former by brute Basaltino stone and the ceiling with raw concrete.

The succession of functions is indicated by the project of interiors. At the entrance, wooden panels on both sides with the colonial furniture of the family and a painting of old Brazil. After a breath, the dining room, a beautiful table made to order, of ipe, a local wood, and circled by curved chairs designed by the Dane Hans Wegner and produced in light wood.

A fireplace of cast iron with a retro-futuristic design is suspended from the ceiling. Then there is the living room with its four club chairs made of transparent rope also designed by Hans Wegner. The lightness of these pieces allows for the complete visual integration. Lastly, the most solid an welcoming room of the house. With a carpet, velvet sofas, a greater presence of coloUrs and a library and electronic equipment stand. And finally, a space that is permanently open, with a barbecue and a long rustic wooden table. 

At night, the artificial lighting is always diffused accomplished by points built into the ground with lamps, marking the planes which delimit the area. 

The full side of the house is also a succession of functions, but now compartmentalized. First, the kitchen, which immediately serves the social area. Designed by a central counter and walls of cabinets. There following, the two bedrooms and then the powder-room of the master bedroom, situated at the end of this axis. The space opens to a small Garden. It is a space of permanence, with a bathtub and generous bench and mirror. Along the entire wooden wall it is possible to pass to the garden directly. The garden is the center of the house. From there you can also go up to the solarium. A wooden deck on the slab that covers the living room where there are float chaise-longues available, designed by Paolo Lenti.

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