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Friday 07 Jun 2013


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The Punjabi cuisine restaurant in prime locality has been designed on the five principles of Totality, Focus, Functionality, Authentic Style & Decor and Creative Lighting.  The restaurant concept is developed on the Five Colours of Punjab for its five sections.  Golden colour, inspired by the Golden Temple in Punjab, denoting the COLOUR OF DEVOTION; Green and brown denoting the COLOUR OF AGRICULTURE, as Punjab is a major agricultural state; Blue as the COLOUR OF MILITARY, representing the valour and strength of Punjab Nirankaris who follow the Khalsa subsect of Sikhism; Various colours for COLOUR OF RICH HERITAGE showing vibrancy and diversity of its culture; Grey colour as a platform for COLOUR OF LITERATURE using the Punjabi alphabets as a design element. 

The design strategy was to infuse the rich heritage and culture of Punjab into a restaurant ambience to create a fulfilling Punjabi Cuisine dining experience.  The reception area has a ceiling fixed with various mud pots lit from inside.  A large entrance door with simplistic designs leads to the general dining section, which has lantern lights.  The wide variety of murals for walls and ceilings, using cut earthern pots and dholkis (drums), provide vivid illusionary sense and realism. 

The furniture is of teak wood with bench style seating ornamented with Nawar (braid) and phulkari work (traditional Punjabi embroidery) on cushions.  The heritage section has been partitioned using vivid colour silk threads braided on multiple PVC poles and wall mural is in the shape of Punjab geographical map.  Overall customised texture walls, flooring and chairs have a touch of golden colour to depict the colour of devotion.  This section also has lighted bangles inserted in metal frames attached to the ceiling in the shape of Mehendi (Indian Tattoo designs).  Heritage section also has a decorated roof of chunari (Indian head scarf) and wall painting representing the Punjab festival mood. 

The agriculture section has half-cut earthern pots on walls with multi-colour glasses.  The literature section has Punjabi alphabets cut on a partition wall and another wall with enlarged news articles of Punjabi celebrities.  The military section has a ceiling with interwoven ropes highlighted with blue lighting.  This section also has a large Punjab Military logo of Khalsa affixed on the wall.  The difficulty of navigating with less service traffic in multiple sections has been overcome in design, with ample openings and easy access to each table.

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