The House of Kipling
Thursday 06 Jun 2013


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UXUS has redesigned Kipling's global retail concept to reinforce the brand's playful personality and build a stronger connection with its creative "Imaginista" customers.

"We want to express the values of the Kipling consumer in a retail experience they would be inspired to shop in. Our solution was to create a new home for the Kipling brand. "The House of Kipling" is a domestic approach to retail, encouraging discovery and exploration in-store," says George Gottl, UXUS Chief Creative Officer.

Applying domestic charm to retail design, "The House of Kipling" takes a fresh perspective on everyday things. Mundane and familiar objects are put in new surprising contexts that create an unexpected visual story and showcase the product ranges.

The product collection is presented as the "Kipling Family Portraits" and each new arrival can be exhibited in its own frame. The travel items are displayed in a quirky luggage trolley, while a kitchen table serves as a cashier desk. The cosy atmosphere of a living room inspires the dressing area, which is styled with colourful poufs, full-length mirrors and a large warm rug. Individual touches like chests of drawers, coat stands and candy jars with monkey souvenirs encourage customer interaction and discovery.  

Flemish inspired wall tiles and "Kipling Monkey" table legs embody the playful spirit and the heritage of the brand. Varnished oak, ceramic tiles and rugs create a homey feeling, while the pop colours inject joy and playfulness to the space. The concept features a "Whimsy Wall" designed as a pin board, where shoppers can share their inspiration and rejoice in all things Kipling.

"The House of Kipling" celebrates everyday creativity and invites visitors to use their imagination and see ordinary things in a new way. The retail experience embraces the cheerfulness of Kipling customers and encourages them to play with their personal style.

The concept will be rolled-out globally across all Kipling retail platforms with the first store opening in London in September 2012.