The Blue Coffee
Wednesday 05 Jun 2013


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The Blue Coffee is the pop-up project of Francisco Segarra, furniture designer. The trade name, The Blue Coffee, is based on the theory of the Blue Ocean. The space shows a very modern and cosmopolitan image with vintage furniture from Francisco Segarra furniture collection, such as Chesterfield blue sofa, old ship lamps, ancient industrial lamps, Tadao dining table, Tilton high stools and Alexa old chairs.

The designer's goal was to create a cafeteria with different decoration, with the idea of creating a warm atmosphere that invites relaxation, achieved by a vintage atmosphere.  The intention is to develop this idea into a franchise and introduce "Blue Coffee" cafeteria to the whole world in order to share the designer's vintage spirit in decoration.             

The result is an elegant, genuine and completely different coffee shop with the vintage atmosphere that Segarra aspired to achieve.  It's an attractive and comfortable place to show and share. The ambience invites people to stay longer, and return again. 

The Blue Coffee by Francisco Segarra, takes aspects of vintage deco and design, complete with antiquities and old furniture gives everybody a different experience of drinking coffee and relaxing with friends in a special vintage environment. The hope is to spread this design through franchise across the world, sharing Segarra's vintage spirit through interesting design.