Diesel Village
Wednesday 05 Jun 2013


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When Brinkworth were appointed by Diesel to design a 4-month pop-up store within a temporarily vacant space on Regent Street, they chose to collaborate with The Wilson Brothers. The designers were briefed to create a bold concept that captured the essence of true pop-up retail in a prime flagship location.

The project demanded intensive attention from the start. The design had to be developed within a very short time-frame, on a limited budget and suitable to inhabit a vast 5,000 sq ft space spread over two floors in one of London's prime retail locations. Brinkworth and The Wilson Brothers turned the project around in 45 days from briefing to completion, delivering a quick, simple and cost effective installation that distilled the Diesel brand values into a visually stimulating and successful shopping experience.

The collaborators took inspiration from Diesel's head quarters based in Bassano del Grappa, also known as Diesel Village. The design team introduced a series of lightweight 'house' structures that were positioned throughout the space.

The houses were constructed from proprietary greenhouse kits, with a variety of different treatments and finishes that play with reflectivity, transparency and solidity to create a series of diverse destinations. The treatments range from a mirrored iridescent finish, smoked tints and two-way mirror, to recycled plastic sheeting and scaffold timber board claddings.

The strategic placement of each house encouraged a sense of discovery, intrigue and interaction with the space.  Each one represented a specific area of focus, highlighting different product categories, forming the changing room spaces, defining the cash wrap area and as a backdrop for window display.

The cladding and treatments applied to the greenhouses reinforced the recognisable archetypal house shape, which also formed the basis of a 2-D Village graphic icon developed by Oscar Wilson to sit with Diesel's logo in the branding of Diesel Village.

Diesel Village was the perfect pop-up store, as it was efficiently executed within a tight deadline and the use of simple and cost effective materials made the design installation a bold and dynamic statement. The final outcome was a visually striking and unconventional solution, setting itself apart from the current retail mood on the UK high street.

Diesel Village met the client's business expectations, but equally importantly re-enforced Diesel's credentials as a relevant, global, premium fashion brand. The refreshing store concept for Diesel Village attracted a diverse new clientele without alienating its existing customer base.