Bing Concert Hall
Monday 03 Jun 2013


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A formal plaza along the University's primary cultural thoroughfare invites patrons to the main entry and lobby of the Bing Concert Hall. Mediating between interior and exterior, the lobby offers a variety of possibilities for pre and post-performance gatherings, both formal and informal. 

Light wells admit daylight into the lobby, while openings to the south and west allow concert-goers to spill outside onto terraces and landscaped areas for outdoor events. Inside the concert hall, the arena style seating layout brings the audience closer to the stage, enhanced further by the box-style seating. Above, the double curved ceiling ‘cloud' provides necessary acoustic reflection and houses a majority of the technical lighting, rigging and sound support equipment. Materials include maple flooring and warm, articulated wood walls at the patron level and off-white tones in the upper portions of the volume. 

A rehearsal hall designed as a recreation of the main stage provides a comparable practice area for the orchestra. Instrument storage rooms and artist suites within the building are also designed to function as individual practice rooms. The Centre includes an outdoor theatre garden and back-of-house spaces such as green rooms, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, storage and service spaces. Public areas include a lobby, spaces for master classes, receptions, and pre-show community events and administrative offices. 

In keeping with Stanford University's sustainability initiative, many strategies have been employed to reduce the concert hall's carbon footprint, maximize energy efficiency, reduce water consumption and create a healthy environment.

Ennead Architects