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Friday 31 May 2013


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In 2005, dentist Dr. Ziegler already caused a stir with the different type of design for his practice called KU64 - die Zahnspezialisten - which is located in the listed ECO House on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. The doctor's aim is to take away the patients' fear of drills. In the futuristic Graft way, the architects Ziegler had won over for his project, a practice design was created, which can only be identified as such at second glance.

karhard was responsible for the recent expansion of the practice. The primary challenge certain was the combination of the very different architectural vocabularies. The design of a dermatology practice on the same level was added as second part of the commissioning, and the involved clients asked for a visual and physical connection of both promises. At the fork between the existing dental practice, the expansion and the newly added dermatology practice, there is installed a mirrored gateway to visualize the transition for one zone to another. 

Two new treatment rooms, staff workrooms and a section with operation rooms have been added. One wall of each operation room was refined with elaborate mosaics in the shape of peacocks and floral motifs (Schlösser & Gärten Potsdam). Yellow surfaces, mainly in the corridor, create a connection to the existing practice because yellow is the predominant colour Graft used for their original design.

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