Friday 31 May 2013


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OChre is a 5100 sq ft Italian restaurant and bar located on the 11th floor of Singapore’s newest mall in the shopping district of Orchard Road. The client requested from Six Planes that clusters of different spaces were created for the purpose of private events, a vital part of the business, yet ensure that all spaces were linked with a sense of cohesiveness and visual expanse.

These spaces consist of; an outdoor lounge and bar for the burgeoning night scene around the district; a casual alfresco dining space for the mall’s visitors; and finally, an indoor formal dining area for business clients and those requesting a more private ambiance. This allowed the client to create three different menus for each group of customers.

Existing site condition was also factored in: glass façade partitions were reused and repositioned to allow for the creation of new outdoor spaces. Consisting of the lounge/bar and casual alfresco dining area, this was placed along the public walkway for immediate connectivity to its targeted customers.

Monolithic split granite wall features and free-standing elements - which were part of the existing site and public walkway - became part of the design language and were used as a catalyst to the selection of additional materials and colour palette. This not only created a sense of borrowed space but also allowed for tremendous cost saving measures. An island bar was placed between the lounge/bar and the alfresco dining area. Besides segregating these two outdoor spaces, the bar is also connected to the indoor formal dining area, to consolidate services for the three main areas. For the indoor formal dining area, a show kitchen was created as focal point for the restaurant. A dining counter around the show kitchen provided an option for customers wanting to dine by the kitchen spectacle. This counter is also used as a buffet spread for private functions and special events. Clusters of different seating type and arrangement were created to provide intimate group settings within the open space of the indoor dining area.

Finishes and colour palette was kept similar to the outdoor area for design continuity, with the inclusion of more polished and finished materials for that added luxury to a formal setting. Several visual elements were also created to connect both spaces, with the introduction of ceiling features and overlapping floor finishes.

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