Dermatologie des Westens
Thursday 30 May 2013


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An open-plan concept was implemented in a former office space on the 5th floor of the so called ECO Haus building on Kurfürstendamm, which was erected in 1954.

The design includes a spacious lobby with reception and waiting area, several rooms designated for treatment, surgical procedures, cosmetic and beauty care, along with laboratory and staff facilities.

Dominating the entry area are the copper-crafted reception counter and paravent, which screens off the waiting area. The space is otherwise characterized by silver-grey wall-to-wall carpeting and grey plastered columns. Dark panelled installations and fine furniture with leather upholstery create a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere, while brightly coloured cushions set lively accents.

In a looking-glass perspective through a mirrored sluice, visitors have a view through to the futuristic rooms of the adjacent dental practice KU64, designed in 2009 by GRAFT Architects. The 2012 expansion of the dental practice is also the brainchild of karhard.

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