Friday 24 May 2013


Award banner

The design brief for SHH was to re-brand and refurbish the hospitality area at Sandown Park Racecourse, in order to create a buzzing, high-quality bar and restaurant space. The space needed more finesse at every level - more elegance and detail with better quality materials – for an overall champagne bar feel. The space also had to be highly flexible to attract premium quality events and conferences on non-race days, whilst also ensuring the branding (covering signage, menus and uniforms) forms an integrated part of the whole experience, conceived from the outset as a family of components to ensure the same quality applied to the branding as to the interior.

The challenges were to create a sense of intimacy in a room of huge proportion and enough subtle material and design details to exude an instant feeling of quality. The programme was also very tight to miss a minimum of race meets.

The board of trustees said the new design had made ‘a remarkable difference’ and given the space a ‘west end feel’, which perfectly hit the target of creating standalone restaurant status. Real material quality (from leather saddle-stitching details to the carrera marble bartop) and subtle branding communicate upmarket intent from the moment race-goers arrive. The signage has the presence of a piece of artwork on arrival, but is minimally applied within the space to maintain the overall high-end feel.


James Knox, General Manager at Equus said: ‘We have already had six events move rooms from the one they originally booked into Equus. Everyone comments on how modern, bright and stylish the space looks.’