Wednesday 22 May 2013


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In designing a restaurant for celebrity Japanese chef Nobu, the designers at Michael Fiebrich wanted to ensure that the interior design was as artful and thought provoking as the cuisine and ingredient combinations, without distracting from the food presentation.

The concept was to create an abstracted Japanese water garden that would act as a theatrical backdrop to the beautiful food offerings. Japanese garden designs are so visually pleasing because, even though are meticulously planned, they feel absolutely natural and layered.  The aim was to create this type of sophisticated "landscape" within the restaurant by layering the various elements of the interior.

Custom "bubble" pendants with blown glass balls in varying shades of copper, amber and gold, reminiscent of flowing water, highlight the ceilings which are punctuated by a ripple detail achieved with a bronze inlay detail.  Tall custom metal sculptures, suggest reeds or water plants, which act as both semi- private screens and wonderful textural backdrops. Glazed ceramic sculptures dot the walls and become beautiful expressions of movement that dance throughout the restaurant.

Finally, walls and columns are clad in a dark stained timber in an origami-like construction to suggest boulders or stone embankments.  The layering of these various elements creates very exciting "vistas" within the space.

The restaurant is 5100 sq ft with 162 seats, including a bar/lounge area, a sushi bar, two semi-private teppanyaki counters and two private dining rooms.

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