Ladies & Gentlemen
Monday 20 May 2013


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The concept given for the renewal opening of the ISETAN Department Store Shinjuku in Tokyo was "the world's best Fashion Museum"

Being considered one of the most stylish department stores in Tokyo, the designer was commissioned to design a restaurant that is stylish and represents the current Tokyo culture, on the floor packed with edgy, chic international brands.

The design project, which was a collaboration between creators and designers in the spotlight was titled "TOTAL MODE CREATORS Project" in an aim to produce a high quality design as a result of the synergistic effect.

Various spaces reflecting different feel and atmosphere were created within the restaurant based on different themes given to each and the result shows a successfully produced, pleasant space that is in harmony with the various interior design elements.

Each differently themed space in the restaurant can be used according to moods and situations of customers.  For instance there are stylish, diner-like bar counters, a big table with custom-designed symbolic pendant lights and a wall filled with books like a lounge.  Although the restaurant is not very big in size, the space was created to give diners an enjoyable experience.

Unlike usual restaurant environments, it is located on the fashion floor of the department store.  By extending the floor and ceiling designs to the public passage, the restaurant appears to be integrated with the surrounding environment, rather than isolating itself from the other retail shops sharing the same floor, and as a result of it, visibility was enhanced.

For the designers the main challenge was in producing a pleasant space without making it seem closed in with solid walls.  In order to achieve this, the public and restaurant spaces were separated by installing glass sliding doors as walls, enabling the openness within the environment, while keeping the boundary between customers inside and outside of the restaurant.

The furniture, the lighting and the pattern of the floor tiles were all designed specifically for this project and this special quality in the design gives customers an unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to find something new on every visit.