Friday 17 May 2013


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WASBAR© is a brand new concept in Ghent, where young professionals can wash their clothes while relaxing with a cold beer or a fresh coffee, and have a delicious bite to eat.  WASBAR© is the coolest way of managing your time, sipping coffee, working on your laptop or even getting your hair done while your undies are getting washed. 

Brains behind the successful WASBAR© are Dries Henau & Yuri Vandenbogaerde, two 20-something, young entrepreneurs whose living spaces were very small; there was no room for a washing machine and they got tired of taking their laundry to their mum's.  They approached design studio PINKEYE to create the interior and the graphics.  The aim was to design a cosy home-like interior using upcycled old interiors.  Dries & Yuri worked with brands such as L'Oréal, Electrolux, Ecover and Douwe Egberts to renovate a former bookshop with the aim of creating a cosy yet stylish meeting place for locals. 

The lamps were made out of old wire hangers and the cupboards are upcycled from old drawers.  To name the washing machines, Dries & Yuri crowdsourced on their Facebook page: names like Mariette and Alphonsine were found amongst the grandparents of Wasbar fans.  

At Wasbar, you can get your laundry done, have a coffee, grab lunch, meet with your friends, use free wifi and also get your hair done!  WASBAR© has a full event calendar with concerts, brunches, DIY-evenings, Red Bull Elektropedia evenings and more - never a dull moment!

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